Make-Up Lesson Policy
Make-Up Lessons at PMA
In order to reschedule your lesson, you need to cancel your lesson at least 16 hours before your scheduled time. Otherwise you won’t be able to reschedule your class. 
If you miss the deadline to reschedule your lesson, you can request a prerecorded lesson from your teacher up until the start time of your scheduled lesson.
Make-up lessons are offered for all programs except band students.
Make-up lessons can not be rescheduled again. If you can't attend your make-up lesson, you can request a prerecorded lesson up until your scheduled lesson time. Make-up lesson credits expire 1 month after you stopped your lessons with us.

How to reschedule a lesson using our online student portal

Even though we offer unlimited make-up lessons, there is a catch!
You are only allowed to have 2 make-up credits on your account at a time.
The reason for this credit limit is that we want to avoid having too many unused make-up credits pile up on your account. All you need to do is use your make-up credits frequently.
If you are trying to cancel a lesson but already have 2 make-up credits on your account, just use one of the make-up credits before you cancel your lesson.
There is no limit on how many lessons you can reschedule in a certain time period.

Did you know you can request a pre-recorded video lesson when missing a class?

Watch the video below to learn more about our pre-recorded video lessons.

Make-Up Lessons